Crypto Week In Review: The Market Remains Tumultuous Even Amid Bullish News

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While investors entered this past week expecting for the crypto market to fall further, it has become apparent that the market has temporarily staved off a move lower. Whether this recovery was a result of positive fundamentals or just a “dead cat bounce” remains to be seen. Nonetheless, this week has had its fair share of positive news that will only better this nascent industry’s fundamentals.Network Hashrates Continue To Rise, Despite Questionable Market ConditionsSince the start of 2018, the cryptocurrency market has undergone a strong pullback. Contrary to what one may think, the Bitcoin network’s hashrate has continued to see a monumental rise even amidst a bearish market. In fact, Bitcoin’s hashrate has nearly quadrupled in the past eight months, even as Bitcoin fell by upwards of 65% and investors exited the market en-masse.Not only was Bitcoin affected by a runaway influx of hashing power, but the amount of computational power