Report: Nearly $2.5 Billion Paid Annually to Ethereum Miners, ETH Issuance Woes Continue

Despite waning prices and never-ending scalability debates, the Ethereum protocol continues to rake in massive revenues for network miners, with figures confirming $2.5 billion-a-year payouts. Ethereum Miners Rake in Big Money According to a report on TrustNodes, mining revenue accounts for about 8.3 percent of Ethereum’s market cap – which stands at $30 billion at the time of writing. In a period of 24 hours, as per data collated for Aug. 11, Ethereum network miners received over $6.6 million in incentives, including block base rewards, mining fees, and “uncles” rewards. Spread over 365 days, the numbers add up to over $2.36 billion; possibly even larger when ETH prices increase. Ethereum’s inflation was also calculated at 7.3 percent, two times that of Bitcoin which paid miners $12.7 million on the same date. Bitcoin’s annual payouts for miners translates to over $4.5 billion or just 4 percent of its total market

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