Asia Head of BitConnect Arrested at Delhi Airport

Divyesh Darji, the alleged Asian head of defunct cryptocurrency platform BitConnect, was arrested by Indian authorities at Delhi Airport on August 18. The arrest is set to provide a modicum of justice to those affected by what has been dubbed the biggest scam in cryptocurrency history. Local news media reports Darji was arrested after his arrival at Delhi Airport from Dubai, identifying Darji as the Asia head of the BitConnect platform, which is registered in the UK and operated from the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. BitConnect Saga Continues The arrest is the latest event in the ongoing BitConnect saga, which began with a December 2016 initial coin offering that saw the value of BCC, the platform’s native token, surge to an all-time high market cap of $2.6 billion in January 2018. Related Story: The Taller They Stand, The Harder They Fall: The Collapse of BitConnect BCC values plummeted

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