BCH Stress Testers Will Put Pressure on the Network in Two Weeks

On September 1, 2018, Bitcoin Cash ecosystem participants have plans to conduct a network stress test which will involve individuals and groups sending millions of transactions throughout the course of one day. With the BCH stress test day approaching soon, BCH proponents have been testing sending large amounts of small transactions at one time and have built tools that fan out hundreds of microtransactions at once. Stress Testers Unite Hoping to Light Up the Bitcoin Cash Network with Millions of Transactions on September 1 In about two weeks, the Bitcoin Cash network will be tested for strength and reliability with the first of many stress tests planned. On September 1, 2018, BCH network participants plan on slamming the peer-to-peer system with a vast amount of transactions in a small period of time. Supporters of the community-driven stress test day are hoping to broadcast millions of transactions that day and some

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