Ethereum-based ‘CryptoKitties’ Believes Asian Gamers are the ‘Killer App’

With large sums of money and public attention turned toward blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the question of the ultimate “killer app,” or an app that immensely drives adoption and creates real-world value, remains. The Chinese Gamble That Paid-Off “CryptoKitties,” an Ethereum-based collectible game, believes the answer to the ultimate “killer app” lies in the Far East, according to TechCrunch. Related: CryptoKitties Keeps With Ethereum and Goes Open-Source Famous for both creating a blockchain application and jamming the Ethereum network in December 2017, the team behind “CryptoKitties” has ample experience in the blockchain market to validate their strategic decisions, with the latest one being an Asian expansion. For the uninitiated, “CryptoKitties” is a blockchain game centered around breedable, collectible digital cats that enterprising users may “trade.” Last month, for example, CryptoSlate reported that two users made over $100,000 solely trading digital cats. Additionally, the company has begun infiltrating the Japanese, Korean and Chinese

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