Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Drops 4% Week Over Week

Regardless of this flat price action, chances are we might see a short term price recovery only if buyers drive prices above Aug 17 highs of $330 or there about. In the meantime though, Ethereum (ETH) is down two percent in the last day as the community receives with great expectation IE’s Bakkt and their effort to make crypto mainstream. From the News Earlier this month, International Exchange, the company which owns The New York Stock Exchange announced that they will be forming a new company Bakkt with the sole purpose of creating the lacking regulatory framework that facilitates fast price discovery as well as creating the infrastructure required for making trading, storing and spending of several high liquid cryptocurrencies as simple as possible. It’s often the adoption part that is challenging when a new product is trying to break into the mainstream but once it does, it’s usually

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