Industry Consortium Launches Crypto Community Watch Program

The ICO fervor of 2017 led to an influx of both positive development and fraudulent activity. In an effort to remove scammers from the sector, ECoinmerce, ICO Alert and other industry leaders have formed the Crypto Community Watch program. 100 BTC Reward Pool for Anonymous Whistleblowers The Crypto Community Watch program aims to deter deceptive marketing and fraudulent activity within the cryptocurrency space by offering anonymous whistleblowers an opportunity and incentive to expose bad actors. Through a collective effort, industry leaders ICO Alert, GZH, Step VC, ECoinmerce and NewEconomies have pooled together 100 bitcoin (~$645,000) to reward those that provide actionable information on potential cases of scamming, hacking or fraud. Founded in 2018, ECoinmerce (ECN) is building a decentralized e-commerce marketplace that allows users to earn discounts, rewards and commissions on retail products for participating in the platform. In an official press release, Rex Chen, COO of ECoinmerce, said:

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