Intel, Microsoft Took 10+ Years to See Gains, Crypto Investors in Good Position

As the crypto market fell from 2018’s all-time highs, many short-sighted investors began to declare that “prices would never recuperate.” While this bearish sentiment is the byproduct of the unwarranted elation and irrational exuberance experienced in 2017’s bull run, many industry leaders have continually noted that crypto’s journey to worldwide acceptance won’t happen overnight.“Change Your Outlook. Bravery Will Return Massively”“Bitcoin is dead. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors…” According to 99Bitcoins’ extensive list of obituaries, the foremost digital asset has perished about 308 times by now. Although this list was evidently made in jest, the number of times that naysayers have declared Bitcoin dead goes to show that investors in this nascent asset class may not be on the same page.Phillip Nunn, a crypto-centric entrepreneur and the CEO of Wealth Chain Capital, recently issued a tweet to remind his followers that they should keep their heads high, even though prices

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