When It Comes to Green Energy’s Blockchain Revolution, Lition Is Ahead of the Pack

In July, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) — a non-partisan US-based policy think tank published a report on the important role that blockchain technology could play over the next decade as global jurisdictions work to adopt more agile policies for renewable energy. It notes that “substantial investment is flowing toward ventures that apply blockchain technology to the electric power sector” and identifies the function that startups around the world are performing in helping to innovate and modernize electric power systems. Indeed, green energy entrepreneurs recognized very quickly that blockchain technology could offer consumers, prosumers, and renewable energy producers alike a viable alternative to the legacy power grids that monopolize energy delivery today.Among the vanguard companies leading the change towards a decentralized green energy blockchain system is Germany’s Lition which is working with global technology giant SAP on its blockchain solution. Their platform was developed to connect consumers directly with

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