Cointree-Gobbill Partnership Enables Australians to Pay Bills With Cryptocurrency

Through industry-forward applications, cryptocurrency is making its way into public adoption as an everyday medium of exchange. On Aug. 20, fintech startups Cointree and Gobbill confirmed a partnership that will allow Australians to pay their bills with cryptocurrency. Faster Payments, Lower Fees Cryptocurrency exchange Cointree and billing platform Gobbill have joined forces to give Australians access to cryptocurrency bill payments, reports The Australian Financial Review (AFR). Founded in 2013, Cointree has over 60,000 active users and currently lists 40 different cryptocurrencies–including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The Australia-based exchange also provides a cryptocurrency bill payments feature that has seen significant growth since its launch. In an interview with AFR, Jess Rendon, operations manager at Cointree, said: “Last year alone [Cointree] had about $100 million of bills paid and saw 10 times growth in this payment feature.” Launched in 2017, Gobbill is an automated bill payments system that offers users an AI-driven

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