DApps in Decline As Crypto Markets Extend Losses

You hear it all the time — “decentralized apps (DApps) are the future of the internet and blockchain.” But according to a recently reported statistics, DApps have been slow to garner interest from the average crypto user, like you or I.Decentralized App User Count Plummets 56% Since January’s HighsDecentralized applications, smart contracts, and the like have been touted as the future of the internet for years on end. But while many industry leaders have openly endorsed DApps, this form of application has also been subject to the constant ups and downs, along with the unpredictable nature of the crypto and blockchain industry.The DApp subindustry has had its fair share of questionable applications, like PoWH3D, which is crypto’s cruel take on a classic ponzi scheme. PoWH3D’s open-sourced nature has seemingly helped it propel to the forefront of the cryptosphere, with the use of its smart contracts accounting for 25% of

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