EOS, Ethereum & Komodo Take Top Spots in China’s Latest Blockchain Ratings

The China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) Research Institute has released its August blockchain ratings, and EOS has landed at the top. Related Article: EOS Blockchain Temporarily Halted, Criticized For its Ability to Suspend User Accounts Additionally, despite complications Block.One faced during its mainnet launch of the EOS platform, CCID has remained confident in the blockchain project. CCID August Rankings For the third month in a row, EOS has once again ranked above all of the blockchain projects on the market. Behind EOS, the rankings include: EOS Ethereum Komodo Nebulas NEO Stellar Lisk GXChain Steem Bitcoin August Changes The CCID examines three different categories to rate projects–technology, application and innovation. Compared to last month’s blockchain ratings, Nebulas dropped to one position to No. 4 while Komodo took a sharp rise to No. 3. Ethereum, NEO and Stellar, meanwhile, have remained in their same positions; however, Bitcoin has risen to No. 10,

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