How Coinbase Will Continue to Bring in Institutional Investors Into Crypto

Adam White, the vice president and general manager at Coinbase, has recently reaffirmed the company’s long-term strategy to lure in institutional investors into the crypto market. The official statement of White was released after Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency brokerage and wallet platform, released the industry’s first suite of institutional products, targeting large-scale investors in the traditional finance sector. Creating the Next Institutional Rally In an official blog post entitled “Introducing our Institutional Core Principles,” White disclosed the five core principles Coinbase have employed to service institutional investors in US markets. One of the five core principles, arguably the most important out of all, includes the operation of institutional-grade tools and teams that can assist large-scale investment firms and financial institutions in the processing of allocating new capital into the crypto sector without being in conflict with federal regulations and policies. “Operate institutional-grade tools and teams that ensure the

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