Politics and Bitcoin: The Worldviews of Upcoming Schools of Thought

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Socio-politics find their way into every substantial development, and cryptocurrencies have not been spared. Political scholars have weighed in about digital assets being predominantly rightist in nature, while others argue that the technology is wholly apolitical. Bitcoin and Libertarianism Since its inception, the broader cryptocurrency community has drawn parallels between Bitcoin and libertarianism, and there are clear reasons for doing so: Both of their inherent ideologies favor a governance interference-free system that propels the “be your own boss” school of thought. The Hill has attempted to understand the political inclinations of crypto projects, the underlying technology and the community as a whole. Surprisingly, they discovered a lack of research on the political preferences of project developers and leaders, meaning most of the libertarian views were mere rumors. Citing research spanning 1,200 crypto-enthusiasts, the publication discovered only 24 percent of the respondents identified as a libertarian, 21 percent as conservatives,