Rally Ahead? Bitcoin's Price May Be Charting a Previous Bull Pattern

History often has a way of repeating itself. The current price pattern in the bitcoin market is eerily similar to the one observed in the run-up to a major rally that occurred on April 12. To start with, bitcoin charted a long-tailed candle on Aug. 14, similar to the one seen on Apr. 1, signaling the sell-off from the July 24 high of $8,507 has likely run its course. Further, the leading cryptocurrency has spent the last seven days trading in a sideways manner around $6,400. Back in April, the cryptocurrency traded around $6,800 in the first 11 days before rising sharply above $8,000 on April 12. More importantly, during the bitcoin price consolidation of early April, the BTC/USD shorts on Bitfinex jumped more than 44 percent to print a record high of 40,719 and fell sharply on April 12, meaning the big spike in BTC was likely fueled by the unwinding

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