Ryuk Ransomware Targets Businesses with Bitcoin Demands, Links to North Korea?

A new, highly targeted ransomware attack has been affecting large businesses. The Ryuk operation demands that victims make large Bitcoin payments for the return of their files.Is Ryuk Ransomware Connected to North Korea’s Lazarus Group?The Ryuk ransomware attack has been exposed by security company Check Point. In a lengthy report, the firm states that the group behind the operation has already netted over $640,000 worth of Bitcoin in the two weeks it has been live.Check Point note that the attack is much more targeted than previous examples of ransomware.“From the exploitation phase through to the encryption process and up to the ransom demand itself, the carefully operated Ryuk campaign is targeting enterprises that are capable of paying a lot of money in order to get back on track.”Each campaign appears to be specifically tailored to individual businesses. This has involved extensive network mapping and the mass stealing of credentials

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