Sorry ICOs, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies will Gain Relevance with Starbucks and Kodak

Big name brands and retail conglomerates, not ICOs, will take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the next level, according to ICOx Innovations President Bruce Elliott. Traditional Players Will Propagate Cryptocurrency Usage While Elliott’s company helps introduce companies to the cryptocurrency economy, much of ICOx Innovations’ business centers around big-name clients like Kodak. Yes, ICOx Innovations is the consulting platform behind building both KodakOne and KodakCoin’s marketing efforts, and its president strongly believes a traditional market takeover will propel the cryptocurrency domain. Related Article: Facebook Forms Blockchain Group for Solutions to Data Privacy At the start of 2018, Elliott said he could hardly imagine corporations adopting cryptocurrencies or even considering to adopt them; however, the executive stands astonished following several noteworthy developments–including Facebook’s linkage with blockchain projects and the NYSE parent company ICE launching Baakt with Starbucks and Microsoft. The latter’s vision is to create a “global ecosystem” for cryptocurrencies by providing

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