XRP Technical Analysis: Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz A Proud Bitcoin Hodler

Fundamentally, XRP prices should to be skyrocketing and there are hints of that because on a weekly basis, XRP is up 26 percent. However, when we take a closer look in the daily chart, it appears as if sellers are still in charge rebuffing bullish attempts above 35 cents and even 40 cents, our main resistance line. In any case, news of Ripple product merger would go a long way in boosting prices especially now that testing of xRapid has been a success, From the News Three high liquid and community trusted exchanges Bittrex of the US, Bitso of Mexico and Coins.ph of the Philippines are joining hands building a working ecosystem around xRapid where XRP, an on demand liquidity tool will used to facilitate cross border payment across the three countries. By incorporating XRP, transacting companies will enjoy seamless movement of capital from one jurisdiction to another via the

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