A Crypto Card Game Is Testing Magic's Records – And It Hasn't Even Launched

In the world of nerdy trading card games, the Black Lotus is still on top. An early version of the rare Magic: the Gathering card sold for over $87,000 in July. But less than a week later, that record received a challenge – though it wasn’t beaten – from an unlikely source: a crypto trading card for a new ethereum-based game, Gods Unchained, sold at auction for 146 ether, worth more than $60,000 at the time. It’s a notable figure given that Magic is a quarter century-old institution, while Gods Unchained has yet to launch (it’s expected to go live on ethereum in the fourth quarter). Still, according to those behind the platform, such figures are due to the excitement for both the game itself, and for unique crypto assets broadly. James Ferguson, CEO of Fuel Games, the Sydney-based startup behind the game, said of his company’s creation: “It’s a really

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