Indian Municipal Corporations Are Going to Issue Birth Certificates on Blockchain!

Several government bodies in India recently adopted Lynked.World’s exciting new platform in an effort to simplify citizen engagement and identification processes in the country. The company, based in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, offers a blockchain ID verification solution for everyday citizens, employers, higher education administrators, and governments. The app is already available to anyone via the App Store or Google Play.Lynked.World is a blockchain-based technology that allows users to digitally verify their personal, educational, and professional information through its peer-to-peer network. Users maintain complete control of their digital information and are able to share vital ID data easily and directly with prospective employers, institutions, or businesses as needed. Once a user has gone through the platform’s data identification process, verified data can be used via a simple, unique QR code. The app aims to give people convenient and secure ownership and control of their own identification data and to share digitally

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