The Case for Stablecoins: A Much-Needed Asset Class or the Worst Crypto Idea?

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The case of cryptocurrencies’ global relevance remains a moot point given its wildly volatile nature, an aspect which has spurred a billion dollar crypto-exchange market. However, some entrepreneurs and companies are determined to bring needful price stability to the digital asset market. Crypto-Trading Market Creating Huge Volatility Cryptocurrencies are arguably the world’s most exciting high-risk, high-reward investment class, with billions of coins exchanging hands each day. At its peak, the crypto market was $200 billion short of the magnificent $1 trillion mark; however, it has since plunged to a $205 billion total market cap after the price frenzy was corrected in 2018. Away from frantic Bitcoin swap trading, high-leverage investments and ETF hopefuls, a group of businesses are pivoted on creating a “stablecoin,” or a cryptocurrency that does not fluctuate in monetary value. Related: The Importance of Stablecoins in the Supply Chain From an economic perspective, maintaining a stable monetary