US Government Grants $800K for Blockchain R&D

With growing adoption, blockchain integration continues to proliferate across nations worldwide. The U.S. government, meanwhile, has invested $800,000 in developing a research-oriented distributed ledger, called Open Science Chain. US Researchers Develop Distributed Ledger The U.S. government has granted $818,433 to researchers at the University of California-San Diego for the development of Open Science Chain (OSC), according to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Researcher and software developer Subhashini Sivagnanam won the grant from NSF, a government organization dedicated to distributing federal funds to research initiatives and projects. Working with the Data Enabled Scientific Computing division at the San Diego Supercomputing Center, Sivagnanam hopes to develop a distributed ledger that records and adapts scientific research data. According to the NSF website, Open Science Chain is: “A web-based cyberinfrastructure platform built using distributed ledger technologies that allows researchers to provide metadata and verification information about their scientific datasets and update this

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