Blockchain startup Varanida acquires Secret Media

Varanida, a French blockchain startup offering a decentralized ecosystem, designed to bring more transparency in digital advertising is pleased to announce the acquisition of Secret Media, Inc.

Founded in 2014 by Frédéric Montagnon and Julien Romanetto, Secret Media’s mission was to reconcile the needs of publishers and advertisers with the people using technology to block those ads. This acquisition highlights both companies’ shared mission to enhance Varanida’s service to users, increase its operational efficiencies, and expand its offerings. Over the past four years, Secret Media has worked with major media groups across the world, including Condé Nast, TF1, NBC, IAC, CNN, IBT, AOL, Rakuten, and Prisma.

“The challenge for the media industry is to respect user’s privacy while maintaining free access to content with an acceptable user experience,” Mr. Montagnon said. “We’ve been working on this for four years, and tested a ton of solutions. Varanida is definitely the best we’ve seen. We’ve developed pure technologies, while they’ve designed a new ecosystem and economy where users, publishers, and advertisers are all aligned and incentivized to find the best balance that will keep the Internet free and secured.”

All three stakeholders in the advertising industry will benefit from this acquisition—advertisers who need to promote their ads, publishers who want to monetize their content and users who want to control the type of advertising they are exposed to. Furthermore, Secret Media’s patented encryption technology – which is designed to restore adblocked impressions – will help the Varanida team in developing one of their first client Proof of Concepts to be delivered in Q4 2018.

“Frédéric, Julien and their team bring years of valuable experience in the advertising industry to Varanida. Secret Media has developed strong relationships with media brands, while we are building a committed community,” Varanida CEO Anji Ismail said. “Having both users and media is the key to a complete offering and solution. For a startup like Varanida, adding these additional resources will rapidly accelerate business and partnership developments.”

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