Why business leaders should embrace AI (and not fear it)

If you believe everything Hollywood has to say, you would be right to fear A.I. There was Hal, the seemingly unfriendly talking computer system in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: a Space Odyssey. There was the automated home security system that locked a woman in her house in Demon Seed. And then there’s The Terminator, James Cameron’s warning that robots are coming to take over the world. A.I. is bad, and it needs to be feared. That’s the impression we get, anyway.

Of course, not everything Hollywood has to say is true. The robots haven’t taken over the world just yet. And while there are worries that A.I. systems are taking over some parts of the business – robotic arms on production lines, self-service checkout tills – with employees losing their jobs as a result; for most business leaders, A.I. should be embraced and not feared.

Why should you embrace A.I.?

There are a number of reasons, each one with value to any business, large or small.

A.I. can reduce the amount of time you spend taking part in time-consuming processes

With advances in this technology, we have the advantages of such things as autonomous web testing and automated data analysis, two aspects of the industry that normally require a huge amount of man hours to complete. By doing your own research, you will find something that can manage those tasks that take up too much of your time.

A.I. has the power to protect your businesses from external harm

With smart security cameras and patrolling robot sentries, any would-be intruders should be deterred from entering those business premises that have employed these technologies. A.I. is also being used to prevent the rise of cybercriminals, with a range of initiatives being employed to keep our computer systems, and the data within them, safe from harm.

A.I. is making waves in customer service

Thanks to the rise of the chatbots (don’t worry, they aren’t that threatening), customers no longer have to wait for ages on the phone trying to get hold of you. They won’t have to leave answering messages, and they won’t be tempted to leave your business because of slow response time. They will keep coming back, as chatbots can now hold near-human levels of conversation when answering queries and promoting products.

A.I. can help you market your business

You can now implement a range of automated software designed to help you research your target demographics, find potential leads, and control aspects of your social media and email marketing. Unless you’re afraid of making a profit in your business (we are assuming you’re not), these downloadable tools and apps will make a massive change to your revenue, positively speaking.

A.I. can give you more time to concentrate your efforts in other parts of your business.

While the automated tools you employ to deal with marketing, sales, and those tedious processes we mentioned earlier, you will finally have time to face-to-face matters with employees, clients and customers. One day, you will even have the luxury of driving to business meetings in an A.In controlled car, but that is an article for another day.


Don’t fear the rise of the machine just yet. For now, and we assume many more years to come, the advance in A.I. technology is a good thing, and not something to be worried about unduly. Until Arnie arrives in his full-on Terminator garb, we will remain optimistic. Let us know what you think!

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