Business launch: The final countdown

So, you’ve got a great business idea and are going to go ahead with it. That’s great news! Now you’ve got the chance to show everyone exactly what you can do when you put your mind to it. But before you can start showing off your company, you need to set it up and prepare it for its launch.

There is actually a huge amount of work that needs to go into launching a company. It’s not just as simple as thinking of a great business idea and then rolling with it. Sure, you could try that, but the success rate of entrepreneurs who try to just wing things is extremely low. So, it is really important that you take the time to plan your launch to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

To help you get on with the launch of a new business, here are some things you will need to sort out in the run-up to launch day.

Buy Your Domain Name

First of all, it’s important that you get your business’s website set up before you actually start operating. In the weeks before the company launch, a ready to go website can act as a way of marketing and advertising your business. But before you can start building your website, you need to get the domain sorted. So, once you have decided on your business name, it’s time to secure your very own domain from the likes of GoDaddy.

Start Your Marketing Plan

Ideally, you should start your marketing campaign at least a month before your business’s launch. This gives you the chance to create a bit of a buzz around the company, which will help when it comes to getting people exciting about it. To ensure that all of your marketing efforts pay off, you need to have a plan. Start writing this plan a couple of months before the launch of your company so that you can start working with it in the run-up to the launch. This will also give you an idea of how well your marketing strategy is paying off. If it doesn’t seem to be having the effect that you had intended, at least you still have a chance to make tweaks to it before you actually start operating the business.

Think About Compliance

In order to operate on the right side of the law, you need to make sure that your company is compliant in a lot of different areas. The areas in which you need to follow strict compliance laws will depend on which industry you are operating in. But all companies will need to be compliant when it comes to data handling and storing their customer’s personal information. Generally speaking, you should only store the very minimum information that you need about your customers, and this needs to be stored on a completely secure platform, such as the cloud. Other areas in which you will need to be compliant include HR, legal, and finance.

Get Cybersecurity Set Up

You will no doubt need to set up a computer network for your company. This needs to be fully secured with all the necessary cybersecurity software and products. If you don’t secure your computers and online e-commerce platforms in this way, then you risk being targeted by hackers and malware. An attack from these could result in you losing a lot of your sensitive data. To prevent this, it’s worth talking to the likes of who will be able to help you set up the best possible cybersecurity protection for your own network and platforms.

Set Up Social Media Platforms

It’s also a good idea to set up all of your social media platforms a few weeks before you open your business. Using your social platforms in the run-up to the launch is another way you can create a buzz and some excitement about the opening of your new business. One handy tip that many entrepreneurs are starting to use right now is that it’s a good idea to run a social media competition. This encourages your followers to share your posts, which gives you a better chance of increasing your follower count organically.

Build Your Press Kit

You should also get prepared with your press kit. You will then be able to start sending it out to your local newspapers and PR gurus so that you can begin to drum up some good press about your business. In the press kit, you will need a short bio about yourself with a bit of a write up about the company and your aims and visions for it. You might also want to add a small portfolio so that potential clients get an idea of the kind of work your company carry out.

Team Up With Influencers

You might want to take advantage of influencer marketing as it is proving to be such a hit with most companies and brands these days. It’s very simple to get into. All you need to do is find a social media user who has a large number of followers. You then need to use their “influence” over their followers to help you market your brand. Most influencers will post some posts on your behalf featuring your products for a small fee. You should then, hopefully, notice that all of their users start to take notice of your company and begin to buy your products. Make sure you find the influencers you want to work with before you launch your company.

Do Some Market Research

It always pays off to carry out a bit of market research before you open for business. It gives you a chance to take a look at your ideal target market and figure out what makes them click. This data can then be used to influence your marketing campaigns.

As you can see, there is a lot to do before the opening day of your company. But all this extra work will certainly all be very worth it.