Drilling into the benefits of oil investment

In the modern age, everyone and their mother wants to get onboard with passive income. You only have to look at the name to see why. Passivity and money are two goals we’ve wished would appear together for centuries. Lucky for you, the ever-rising industry of trading is now making that a possibility for many.

The chances are that you’ve heard a fair bit about this trading lark by now, especially if you’re interested in investments. To put it simply, this involves placing money in stocks from certain companies. If the company of your choice sees success, the value of your shares stands to increase. Aside from checking the market to make sure things are on the up, then, you stand to see real returns for little effort.

But, the chances are that you knew that already. There are many articles out there which outline the basics of trading. You’ve probably even watched films like The Wolf Of Wall Street which give an insight into the professional world of trading. We’ll go ahead and assume, too, that you’re reading this because you’ve decided trading is the way forward.

The next question you need to ask yourself, then, is which market you should invest in. To some extent, the only way to select the right option for you is to study stock prices for a while. That way, you get a feel for each market and what it could do for you. Here, though, we’re going to argue that oil investment could well be your best option.

To many, the words oil and investment should never go together. In fact, oil has a damn lousy reputation in this field. But, 2018 has seen trading prices here soaring. Market leaders like Anadarko Petroleum dedicating $500 million to buying back shares this year. ConocoPhillips has also increased its dividend to 7.5%, and oil prices are hitting their peak. That alone should be proof enough that oil investment is worth your time. If you aren’t convinced, though, keep reading to find out yet more reasons to get going in this field.

Big money means big wins

In case you hadn’t realized, the oil industry plays with the big bucks. The money involved here far exceeds that in most other sectors. For proof, consider that many oil startups need funding of upwards of $250million. As can be seen from companies like Nautisnp, even transportation costs a great deal here. And, when there’s big money going into an industry, it’s usually because there’s big money coming out. When it comes to return on investment (ROI), then, this seems to be a pretty good bet. Of course, this works on differing levels. There’s also a potential for significant losses here. Sudden drops in prices are responsible for oil’s bad investment rep. But, if you tow the line and keep an eye on the market, you don’t need to worry. By watching what’s happening with fuel prices, you should be able to ensure you only invest in areas which look set to bring a nice big return. Though not for the faint-hearted, then, this is a move which could pay off in a significant way.

Demand never dies

It should also go without saying that the demand for oil never dies. Though electric cars are coming to the fore, they’re slow in getting off the ground. As such, the majority of road-based vehicles still require standard fuel. Note, too, that oil isn’t only used in our cars. It also plays its part in the production of plastic such as Simply Plastics and products like hairspray and weedkiller to name a few. It’s fair to say, then, that demand for this product doesn’t look set to die anytime soon. There will always be another reason someone needs oil, even if governments follow through on their threats to make electric cars mandatory. That means oil is a more stable market than many options out there. While prices may fluctuate, there’s little chance of a complete crash in an industry like these. If you’re able to weather those waves, then, you’re sure to come out the other side smiling. It’s difficult to think of another industry which offers that kind of security.

A fantastic option in the long-term

If you have a long-term investment in mind, you’re also in luck with oil. As we’ve mentioned, this isn’t a market famed for being all that stable. Prices rise and fall dependent on all manner of things. Sometimes, crashes here are sure to sting. In general, though, the up and down nature of this market makes it ideal for long-term passive investment. It’s possible to see decades of passive investment here and get a strong ROI at the end of it. If you’re looking for profit now, it may be worth looking to another market. But, if you’re looking for something which could pay out in your retirement, oil investment has a much longer projection time than many. Of course, playing the long game like this does mean that you risk the market changing altogether by the time you come to sell your shares. In general, though, improvements in technology see this as a market which is only set to go up in value. While no one knows what the future holds, it’s safe to say that this is the most attractive long-term option as it stands.


Of course, settling on this as the market for you doesn’t mean you can stroll right in without doing your research. As with any trade, you need to watch the way the market moves for a while before placing your money anywhere. It’s also worth noting that there a few investment options open to you. You may want to stick with standard stocks, then, or you may be tempted to invest in oil futures. This all depends on both what you intend to achieve, and which options looks most viable right now. So, get your investor head on, and research to make sure you can enjoy the above benefits.

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