The delivery dilemma: Could cars be cheaper than motorcycles?

Not long ago, success in business was all about encouraging customers to come to you. As long as your marketing and designs were right, you could draw more than enough customers to your door. Now, those business tides are a-changin’. If you’re to stand any chance at success, you need to bring products to your customers rather than the other way around. That’s why so many companies now offer online shopping capabilities. And, it’s why many business owners consider taking care of their own deliveries. There are plenty of outsourced couriers, but nothing beats taking control yourself. That way, you can guarantee your products meet your standards at every stage of their journey. You also then don’t have to trust drivers you don’t know. Moreover, you can advertise your business with nice vehicle wraps or private number plates (like those on Absolutereg UK).

Of course, self-delivery does have its problems. If you aren’t careful, you could spend so much here that it takes you a while to pull profits. In an attempt to cut costs, then, many business owners opt for delivery motorbikes instead of cars or vans. Motorcycles are cheaper up front, after all, and you may assume that they’ll cut your costs all around. But, here are three reasons why you would be wrong.

Increased risk of an accident

Accidents are the leading reason why motorbikes could end up costing you more. Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence, and the damage is often severe. As can be seen from resources like the motorcycle accident statistics offered by the law offices of George Salinas, motorbike accidents are often so severe that they involve fatalities. That could mean losing both your bike and your driver. By comparison, cars are a safer mode of transport. The enclosed nature of a vehicle like this offers protection, as do features such as airbags. You can’t say the same about a motorbike. Even if your driver remained unscathed, you can bet the bike would be a write off after even a small collision.

Higher insurance costs

Alongside that, you also face the risk of higher insurance costs. Expenses like these, after all, are reached depending on the risks involved. The risk of accidents means that most motorbike insurance is high. Admittedly, this will vary depending on your chosen models. There are some cars which demand higher premiums. As a general rule, though, motorcycles top those charts.

The need for more regular repairs

In the majority of cases, motorbike repairs cost less than their car counterparts. That makes sense when you consider the bikes are smaller, and thus need less attention. But, this isn’t as simple as it may seem. The majority of bikes need more maintenance than cars do. As an example, consider that bikes need their tires changed far more than cars. You may also find that you need to service motorbike engines more frequently. As such, you could more than double your maintenance costs when paying for a fleet of motorbikes. When you consider it like that, a delivery van doesn’t seem like such a bad choice after all, does it?

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