Warehouse hazards and how to prevent them

Warehouses can get busy, to say the least. At times you may feel as though you just don’t have time to keep on top of everything and you also have a full team of people to keep an eye on as well. If you’re not careful then mistakes can happen and these can easily cause injury or even death. If you want to avoid all of this then you need to be able to identify these hazards and deal with them as soon as possible.

Forklift Truck

Forklift trucks are a crucial piece of equipment. They are often used in warehousing, but they are also used in storage facilities as well. When you don’t use them properly, however, they can cause serious damage to the person who is operating it and even the people nearby. If you want to stop things like this from happening then you need to try and make sure that your team have the right certified training. You also need to perform refresher training as well.


One of the worst accidents that can happen in a warehouse is when someone gets crushed between a loading dock and a forklift truck. This happens when the forklift runs off the dock. Preventing this is relatively easy. You can do employee safety evaluations to make sure that your team are as attentive as they can be, and you also need to make sure that the dock edges are clear and safe so that you can support the load. Warning signs should also be put up, and mechanisms can be put in place to stop people from getting too close to the docks themselves.


Conveyor equipment can also pose as a health hazard. Workers can get caught up in equipment or they can even be struck by falling objects. If you want to try and get around this then you need to stress the importance of safety in the workplace and you also need to have safeguarding equipment between the worker and the conveyor.


If you don’t stack pallets properly or if you don’t use shelving units properly then you may be opening your workers up to injury. Keep aisles as clear as possible and also make sure that loads are placed evenly apart. You also need to make sure that they are evenly positioned as well. Heavier loads should be placed towards the bottom and you should also make sure that you only ever remove a single load at a time. You should also give your team pallet handling support where possible.

Manual Handling

Believe it or not, the most common cause of injuries in the workplace involves improper handling and lifting. Manual lifting can cause you to develop musculoskeletal disorders and this is especially the case if you do it with an awkward posture or even overexertion. If you want to avoid this then you need to try and plan ahead to find out if the need for lifting can be eliminated by either investing in new machinery or even by changing the design of your warehouse. This can help your team out far more than you realise.

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