Five tips for hosting a successful company event

There’s much to love about hosting a company event. They give you a chance to toast your success, cement your branding, and get the word out about all the good things you’re doing to even more people. But like anything that needs to be organized and which has an influence on the success of your business, you’ll need to take steps to make sure you’re getting everything just right. Below, we take a look at five tips that’ll have you on your way to a successful company event.


What’s the Reason?

You don’t need to have the greatest reason in the world to host a company event, but there should be some reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. It could be that you’re celebrating the anniversary of your launch, or you’ve achieved something special, or that you’re about to begin offering a new product or service. Whatever the reason, it’ll be the basis for your event, from which everything else will spread out. Because these things can take some time to plan, you’ll want to think a couple of months (at least) along the line, and come up with a cause for celebration around that time.

Get the Team Involved

You’re not the only important person at your company. Indeed, you’re only one of them! Your staff is just as crucial to your success as you are. This is a chance to celebrate all that they’ve been doing, too! So make sure they’re involved in the planning stages. They’ll have plenty of great ideas, especially when it comes to making the event fun. So get them together, and see what they’re thinking. But remember, you shouldn’t expect them to work on the event outside of the normal working hours, so give them time during the day to plan it.

Logistical Issues

You should ‘t only be thinking about the fun and celebrations when it comes to your event. Before you get to that stage, you’ll want to be thinking about things like the event space, refreshments, and the hours of the event. You may be able to host the event at your workspace, but it’ll depend on how suitable it is and how many people are coming. For your food, you can work with a company like Select BBQ catering services. The hours of the event will depend on whether it’s a day- or night-time thing, whether children are invited, and so on.

Bring the Fun

No-one’s going to spend too long at your event if you’re just talking about all of your successes. You’ve got to give them a reason to stick around, which means bringing the fun. A DJ should be hired, and get in touch with a drinks vendor too. If you put good people together, and give them the means to have a good time, then it will all flow.

Following Up

Finally, make sure you’re following up with any connections you made during the event once it’s over. Who knows what might come from your networking further on down the line?

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