17 steps on how to save $3,000 in 60 days

Saving money is easy. However, you must discipline yourself in some ways. It is a well-known fact that most Americans do not really know how to save money and before they know it, they are already running into debts.

Therefore, in this article we have listed 17 steps on how to save $3000 in 60 days. It seems unbelievable, right? Well, as you read in, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve a savings of at least $3,000 within 2 months.

1. Get organized

The first rule of saving is you getting in charge and organizing yourself. If you are not organized, you cannot save. You need to know how much your monthly income is, then you make a list to guide your monthly spending.

The list you make should be things you can automatically pay for. It should include health insurance, rent, electric bills, credit cards etc. Once, you are done with the list; it is easy to see what is left.

2. Create a penalty when you go beyond your expenditure

There are times you end up spending beyond this budget even after you must have drawn out a spending plan. In such situations, you should discipline yourself to save the same amount you have just lavished.

For example; you spent $10 on drinks which you were not supposed to, punish yourself by putting $10 into a box as savings. This form of discipline will see you saving up as much as you lavish.

3. Challenge yourself to drive less

Most times, you spend more money when you are always driving. Money goes into the car for gas, maintenance, and other unplanned eventualities. Paying bus fares will help reduce your expenditure.

You could also get a bicycle to use for short distances. It does not just reduce your expenditure but goes further to keep you healthy. You could even decide to walk some short distances. Imagine that you spend $100 every month for maintenance and fueling of your vehicle, you will end up saving over $150 in 60 days.

4. Avoid paying unnecessary fees

Fees charged for late payment or subscriptions are totally unnecessary, and you have to avoid them. In fact, some service providers give you extra days or weeks in the form of bonus when you subscribe on time. The money you get to save over 60  days will accumulate to about $150.

Also, you will note that some banks may charge you differently when you use an ATM that is not theirs. To save money, you may have to use other banks that either charge less or nothing at all. In the end, you will have saved over $50 from avoiding unnecessary fees.

5. Review the amount of money you spend on tech-related materials.

To enjoy convenience in today’s world, you will want to be connected to the digital world. It is true that comfort is not always cheap. You may at this point have to review or go through the amount of money you spend on tech-related materials.

There is no need to pay for TV channels you do not get to watch. And, if your service provider charges you higher, then you should go for a service provider that is cheaper.

6. Review the amount of money you spend on subscriptions

What about that subscription you do towards membership to a gym, and you visit the gym 3 to 4 times in an entire month? You  should stop spending money on such subscriptions that you do not need. Several phone apps can enable you to achieve the same purpose.

7. Stop going for brand names

Except you are getting these products at discounted rates, you should not be a brand-lover if you wish to save some cash. This is because most brands get to sell things at far higher prices. You can always get the same product at a lower rate elsewhere and end up saving up to $100 to $150 monthly.

8. Get a side hustle

Getting a side hustle is one of the best ways to earn more money. All we have looked at so far has majorly focused on saving from what you earn. A side hustle gives you more money to spend on things you need.

If you love writing, drawing or even baking, you should put these handiworks to use so that you can earn. You could try to babysit. Do not hesitate to inform neighbors of services you can render. It will surprise you that you can gather as much as $1000 in 60 days considering the number of hours you put in daily.

9. Limit your purchase of groceries

The supermarket has a way of getting you to buy everything it has in stock, especially when you are hungry. An average American family can spend up to $150 to $200 on groceries weekly.

 Taming this grocery shopping beast will see you save a lot of money in 60 days. When you go for groceries, it will serve you more if you can work with a list, and purchase only what you have on the list.

10. Limit your expenses on clothing

Clothing is one thing that eats up funds; starting from clothes, belts, foot wears and body accessories such as wristbands, wrist watches, necklaces, etc. If you can limit the rate at which you spend on clothing, then you could end up saving as much as $200 monthly. Remember, you do not have to shop for clothing monthly.

11. Buy things in bulk

You save cash when you buy stuff in bulk. As long as you have space in your home, we advise that you should learn to buy things you need in volume. This way, you will save little money that will accumulate to a fortune after 60 days.

12. Only buy things you use daily

Are you the kind of person who just gets carried away with the beauty of a thing and feel that you should own it? If your answer is yes, then when next you see something you like that you did not plan to buy, just walk away; except you are sure you will get to use it daily.

For example, you wish to go camping which you do not often go, and then there will be no need to buy a tent, camping bag, and  other materials, you can borrow from a friend. Buy only things you get to use daily.

13. Go for quality materials that will stand the test of time

Instead of buying several leather jackets that will not stand the test of time, you may buy 1 or 2 leather jackets with better quality that will serve you better. This way, you save some cash.

14. Avoid smoking and drugs

The bitter truth is that doing drugs and cigarettes cost you more than you expect. This is why we advise that if you wish to save, then you should stay away from drugs and cigarettes.

On the other hand, drugs and cigarettes are not good for your health. They will eventually make you sick, resulting in medical treatments, which requires money.

15. Try to do most of your laundry yourself

Doing your laundry will save you the cost of sending your clothes to the laundry man. Of course, certain clothes may require a  laundryman, but until such situations come up, you should do your laundry yourself.

16. Turn off bulbs, TVs and other electric appliances when they are not in use if you pay for electricity

When you are not using power, ensure that every electrical device that uses energy in your home is turned off. This will eventually lower the price you pay for electricity, thereby saving you more.

17. Cut down the number of times you eat out

Rather than always going out to that fancy restaurant to eat every day, you can still prepare your meal at home most times. This will not only save you money but will also enhance your creativity in the kitchen.

Don’t be surprised that you will get that bottle of wine for a lower price outside that fancy restaurant. So you can bring the fun home and save some cash. 


Saving is not easy as spending. And it can take time before you get the discipline to save. If you even just take a few of these steps into account, you will see a tremendous difference in your financial life! Follow these 17 steps religiously or just follow 10 or 5 or 2, and you will get to save over $3000 in 60 days.

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