Bankless Times joins Civil, Patreon

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to our publication you’d have recognized the all-new website that launched recently.

We have switched over to a much faster WordPress template and back-end engine to ensure you get the best experience available when engaging with our content.

On top of that, we launched a new member template that allows engagement between members, a forum and an enhanced commenting system.

All of this coincides with our acceptance into Civil, the community-based journalism network that puts the focus on transparency and ethics at a time when mistrust of media has hit all-time highs.

Civil is community-owned and community governed to ensure maximum oversight and engagement between the news producers and the public.

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There is one other, obvious, reason for us to want to be a part of the Civil movement. The core of the system is the CVL token which clearly speaks to us as a media company that has long-covered blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

We finalize the process later this week and the official Civil launch is expected to roll out mid-February. We will update you as we learn more.

Bankless Times has also relaunched our Patreon campaign, which asks for minimal monthly membership commitments to support our journalism.

The totality of these moves is for us to be able to support full-time journalists at Bankless Times and a move away from the advertising model.

Rather than tie into gimmicks involving popups, continuous scroll and other tools that, in the end, annoy and frustrate the end user, we want to improve your experience while enhancing the viability of our journalism.

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