German fintech Raisin joins Temenos MarketPlace

European deposits marketplace Raisin has joined Temenos’ MarketPlace.

The Berlin-based fintech Raisin offers European savers higher interest rates on their deposits, which are fully protected under national deposit guarantee schemes. Savers in 31 countries can set up an online account with Raisin, choose between competing offers from more than 60 partner banks across the European Union and deposit those funds at the selected partner bank.

Temenos clients will now be able to access these advantages from one or both sides of the Raisin platform. Those looking for new sources of funding can become partners, offering Raisin customers deposit products. Likewise, if they wish to provide higher interest rates on savings products to their existing customers, they can offer select Raisin products on their own platforms or otherwise directly connect their customers to Raisin.

“We are delighted to be joining the Temenos MarketPlace,” Raisin co-founder and COO Michael Stephan said. “Temenos has a large base of retail and universal banking clients in Europe which we hope to attract to Raisin and which, in turn, would greatly increase the efficacy of the platform, helping more savers get a decent return on their money as well as supporting banks to access retail liquidity effortlessly across Europe.”

“We are looking to build on the massive growth in the Temenos MarketPlace in 2018 by opening it up to banking services providers in 2019,” Temenos chief strategy officer Ben Robinson said. “The first of these is Raisin, Europe’s largest deposits platform, but there will be many others. In the same way as we have helped our customers to find and quickly deploy the best fintech applications, they would like us to do the same for banking services. Now pre-integrated with Temenos, our customers can immediately start placing or receiving deposits with Raisin.”

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