Businesses: Here’s how you can beat burglars and cut crime

When it comes to our homes, we spend a significant amount of time, money and effort keeping criminals out. And the same should be true when it comes to your business. After all, it’s a likely target for burglars due to high-value equipment, possible cash on site and data that can be stolen from computers and hard drives. Top this off with the fact that most offices are empty beyond 6 p.m. and it’s an accident waiting to happen if you’re not prepared. Here are some of the ways you can beat the burglar and cut crime when it comes to your business.

Invest in a burglar alarm and CCTV

These two security methods are preventative, as well as being able to catch criminals that do choose to go ahead. A high quality, professionally fitted burglar alarm can send a notification to your phone if it goes off while you’re not there, or can be monitored and a call made to the police if you’re especially high risk. CCTV these days can also be made smart- and you can be notified of movement or even view the cameras live right from your phone. Make sure your CCTV system is properly installed so that burglars can’t cut wires or cover cameras. Lights outside the premises can deter burglars, and also make it easier to see the camera footage clearly if it’s needed.

Have lockable window shutters fitted

If you’re on the ground floor of a building, have lockable shutters fitted over the windows and doors. These can be the typical metal kind that you find with retail stores, but there are more subtle varieties if you have an office. Lattice style grates can be pulled over the window and locked at night, and pulled back in the daytime so they’re not visible.

Avoid fraud

With lots of people coming and going in your business, it can be difficult to know at a glance who is meant to be there, and who has sinister reasons in mind. If you have lots of people in and out, implement a reception desk area and have guests sign in and out. Security cameras over reception can capture anyone entering too. For your staff, a key fob system can work well. You can buy lanyards online for their ID tags, and they’re able to securely let themselves in and out. This prevents unauthorised personnel entering restricted areas, or people that shouldn’t be in your building at all from just wandering in.

Protect against cyber crime

You should be sure to protect it online as well as in person. Start by protecting your data, backing up to the cloud means that no physical files that can be stolen or damaged from your computers. Plus, all of the information is all encrypted for safety and stored on servers. Use strong passwords and ensure that only senior and trusted staff members have access to them. Good antivirus and firewalls will help to prevent hacking and theft online.

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