Have you thought about your external business property?

When deciding to renovate our commercial space, we often think about the internal building. How comfortable is the air conditioning? Could it use a little more ventilation? How clean and pest-free are the storage spaces? Are the toilet facilities up to scratch? What’s that weird smell coming from the kitchen? The questions are endless. But this is hardly the only place a business need be concerned with. Of course, if you own a store on the street, it’s likely your business is entirely localized within four walls. But many businesses, especially those on an industrial estate or on private land, have a responsibility of care to that surrounding area as well.

After all, your office can be as beautiful as you had ever hoped, but if it’s hard to park there easily, it looks terrible or is lacking security, your internal investments have had their purposes defeated. What matters is developing your business in the correct manner, and that includes your exterior property. Consider the following for the best advice:


Your staff really need a confident place to park. If they feel worried about leaving their vehicle outside of your business, if the road condition is less than appropriate, and if you yourself aren’t happy to park there each morning, you have a problem on your hands. Ensure that the area is smooth and well signposted. Ensure enough parking space for all. Absolutely ensure disabled access, even if none of your employees are disabled. Ensure that you use a form such as randmconcrete.com to ensure that the space is well developed and long-lasting. Ensure it’s well-lit at night, and that there is secure entry to avoid members of the public from exploiting this space. If sharing a car park with many other businesses, consider coming to an agreement to divide the space into zones, to ensure everyone can park easily and within proximity to their workplace.


Ensure that a solid surrounding fence is implemented. Ensure that its regularly checked for signs of vandalism or damage. Use security cameras and keycard access to ensure that no one enters without your express consent, or that the cars aren’t broken into or damaged. Place warning signs about the cost of trespassing in full view outside. Also, develop a healthy culture of your employees reporting suspicious activity outside, which they will, because they will want to defend this space.


Make sure the outside area looks nice. Provide a designated smoking zone to prevent people walking through a cloud as they head into work. Ensure that there are enough trash bins outside to discourage littering. Have the pavements regularly cleaned and washed of any gum or any other littering pollution. Ensure your security gates looks relatively smart, and not simply covered in barbed wire as if your employees were entering some kind of prison yard. With the right maintenance, the exterior of a firm can seem like a functional space, and not simply one with only security in mind.

With these tips, the exterior of your business is sure to be the most functional entrance and exit possible.

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