The benefits of more than one business website

Most small businesses today have a website. Some companies run solely online, with the site the central part of the business and not just a supporting player. Business owners spend time, and money, developing their websites, making sure that they offer a fantastic customer experience and that they work well. The put the effort in to make sure their website works for them, makes money and helps them to develop customer relationships.

Some businesses choose to do everything on one website. They might run more than one office, with a network from, but they still only have one site. Even big businesses can function with just one website, with pages and categories dividing up the content and organising the structure. Their websites host a range of content, they cater to each country and section of the audience, and they sell the brand. One site can have a whole host of uses, and appeal to a variety of markets. Other’s, however, instead decide to host more than one business website. Here are some of the benefits of doing this.


Search engine optimisation is an essential part of building an audience and growing a business. If all of your content is on one site, you’ve got more to work with. This can be an SEO boost. But, not if your company sells to multiple markets, or has different branches. Your website should have a niche, and the smaller the market, the easier it is to rank higher on Google. Having multiple websites can help you to cater to each market. Find out more about SEO at

User Experience

Again, if you are trying to appeal to a range of different people, you might find that one site needs multiple sections. This can make things confusing and complicated. It can mean that your site is bulky and that it doesn’t flow naturally. This can affect user experience and put people off. Multiple sites can help to keep things simple and improve the flow of your website.

To Highlight Services and Brands

Many companies have more than one brand. Many companies are known for one product, brand or service. But, that’s often not all that they do. If your company sells different products, offers varying services, or hosts different brands, you need more than one site or somethings arena danger of getting lost.

Increased Affiliate Performance

Many small businesses make money from affiliate links on their websites and social media pages. If you earn well in this way, you’ll want to add as many affiliate links as possible. One site, stuffed with links, quickly becomes spammy and could be penalised. Having more than one website gives you more places to make money as well as more opportunity to get noticed.

At the end of the day, how many websites you have for your business depends on the nature of your company. If you sell one product and have one target market, one website is all that you need. Even with multiple branches, you might find one site easier to manage in the early days. But, don’t be afraid to add more as you grow, it can be worth it.