Thirty-three cryptocurrencies described in four words or less

Cryptocurrency broadly can be defined as the digital money which takes the form of coins or tokens. Few cryptocurrencies have ventured into the physical world through credit cards or some projects, but most of the cryptocurrencies are intangible.

The word crypto in cryptocurrencies refer to as complex cryptography which allows a particular coin to be generated, stored and securely transacted and these transactions are typically anonymous.

The important crypto feature to the currencies is that its common commitment to decentralization. These cryptocurrencies are developed as a code by teams and go through a process called mining.

They are particularly designed to be free from manipulations, control and government. The currencies which are modelled after Bitcoin which is the most promising one are called as Altcoins. The Altcoins can be presented as the modified and improved versions of Bitcoin.

There are around 2000+ cryptocurrencies in existence at present and many of these tokens and coins are enjoying immense popularity with a dedicated group of investors and backers. The cryptocurrency investors, buyers and miners are also equally increasing in number with each passing day.

These cryptocurrencies have been around for a decade now and are making attempts to create a decentralized currency since quite a long time. The banking crisis of 2008 has made the cryptocurrencies in need which had a decentralized banking system where money transfer was cheaper and also faster.

These cryptocurrencies can be bought through many ways such as using the cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallets, Bitcoin ATMs and Face to face interactions.

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