New Coin Stats wallet taps into existing smartphone security

Coin Stats, the cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker with more than $5 billion in crypto portfolio and 500,000 monthly active users, today launched Coin Stats Secure Wallet,  a guaranteed, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet.

This platform, developed with and powered by SignKeys, has been launched to complement the Coin Stats portfolio tracker app. It gives Coin Stats users the ability to track and make transactions directly in the app, rather than having to rely on an outside wallet or exchange.  

Based on FIPS 140-2 security, the wallet uses an ultra secure, specially licensed and hardware-based  environment, already available on 1.6 billion existing smartphones. This level of security allows SignKeys and Coin Stats to provide a guarantee that no other wallet does, the company said in a release.

SignKeys provides a unique guarantee on the full value of crypto assets in a user’s wallet, up to 10 times the value of KEYS tokens that user holds. The minimum balance of $10 worth of KEYS tokens will protect $100 in other crypto assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and more than 220 other altcoins, simultaneously. This in itself is an achievement, as most hardware wallets can only hold a handful of different types of tokens at the same time and require a dongle.

The wallet includes numerous innovations beyond just security. For example, users will be able to privately and securely send crypto assets through existing messengers like WhatsApp. Atomic swaps – currently available between KEYS and BTC – will allow immediate peer-to-peer exchange.

“With so much news of hacks on exchanges, and wallets so complex to use they’d drive Satoshi mad, it’s no wonder blockchain is so intimidating to the masses,” said Joseph Toh founder at SignKeys. “Launching the world’s first guaranteed cryptocurrency wallet together with CoinStats, one of the largest crypto portfolio providers, is a true opportunity to restore confidence in the market.”

Narek Gevorgyan, founder at Coin Stats, said, “Keeping your cryptocurrencies secure and easily accessible is still pretty complex, which slows down the crypto adoption. The wallet solution we’re going to release with SignKeys is a first step into solving that problem together.”

Coin Stats advisor Mark Mueller-Eberstein helped to facilitate this collaboration with SignKeys.  Coin Stats and SignKeys will extend their B2B capabilities beyond the wallet with offerings that easily integrate to  financial products and systems, replacing the need for costly custody solutions.

The Coin Stats app is free to download from the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

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