AlphaPoint adds ABS token issuance capability to technology stack

AlphaPoint, a global provider of asset tokenization software and digital asset trading technology for licensed broker-dealers, ATS, and exchange operators, today unveiled enterprise-grade technology solutions enabling the issuance of asset-backed security tokens, thereby increasing liquidity for high value asset classes.

“AlphaPoint has been deliberate in its focus on asset digitization since its inception,” CEO Salil Donde said. “We are proud to offer our clients the only enterprise-grade software that enables institutions to both tokenize illiquid assets and trade those assets on an exchange or a licensed venue. As long-time participants in the blockchain technology ecosystem, we are enabling our customers to forge ahead with institutional adoption of security tokens as a means to streamline issuance, reduce deal costs via smart contracts, and optimize deal execution with the flexibility of the immutable ledger provided by STOs.”

Companies in verticals such as Muirfield Investment Partners, a real estate private equity firm, have adopted AlphaPoint’s asset digitization technology. Using AlphaPoint’s Regulated Asset Backed Token framework to digitize shares in the form of EVER tokens, Muirfield can offer investors a private equity investment structure that is more liquid, appropriately structured, and promotes optimal capital deployment.

Another institution utilizing AlphaPoint Asset Digitization is Laureate Digital Securities Ltd., an asset management firm that will issue digital securities. Asset digitization brings online portals and electronic compliance checks, reducing customer onboarding time to minutes instead of days. Funds issued as digital securities can be bought and sold on secondary markets, improving liquidity. 

“The adoption of security tokens by the capital markets industry is accelerating, and AlphaPoint is excited to support our clients in their efforts to provide more efficient and less costly processes for capital formation, asset servicing, and secondary liquidity,” added Donde. “Blockchain technology provides new tools to drive transparency and trust between investors and issuers — a trend which AlphaPoint hopes to accelerate in the coming years for our customers.”  

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