Online security and the ways it can affect you

The advent of the internet made the world smaller. Just imagine how easy and convenient is reaching out to a loved one on another part of the globe with the help of technology. With a good internet connection, you can talk to your family on the other side of the Atlantic.

Despite the convenience it offers, the internet also made the world relatively more dangerous. Every conversation, encounter, and transaction online can be harvested and stored, putting your personal information in grave risk. Data breaches and leakages are rampant. Most, if not all, online sites have encountered problems with user information, in one way or another.

According to research, it is not only the personal information that is in danger of being used by social networks and apps. There are also threats to your hardware and software information, payment details, and even information outside a particular network.

The most popular social media networks and apps vary in the kind of information they collect and share. Most of the data is used within the network. It is also used to help the platform tailor advertisements and recommendations that you can see in the newsfeed. However, there are cases when it goes beyond what the sites promised its users.

Facebook, for example, acknowledged in March this year that it has been collecting the call and text history of Android users without permission.

Some third-party apps that you access through the network can advertently collect your information for malicious purposes. Back in 2014, a quiz app by Cambridge Analytica is said to have gathered and leaked the data of nearly 50 million people.

Other security issues are not intentional, like in the case of Google in 2015 when it has accidentally leaked WHOIS data of 280,000 customers.

With all of these occurrences, you should be more vigilant in knowing and understanding the repercussions of security breach and leaks. It is mandatory to make sure your personal information and other important data are protected.

Check the infographic below to learn more about online security and the precautionary measures you can apply to ensure your safety online.

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