Three ways to ensure your business’ vehicles stand out on the road

If your business uses vehicles as part of its day to day operations – perhaps to visit clients, or for deliveries – then every minute those vehicles spend on the road provides an opportunity. Over the course of a year, it’s likely that thousands of people, ranging from other car drivers to pedestrians, will see your vehicles as they go about their daily business. As a result, you have the chance to raise your company’s profile – but only if your vehicles are recognisable and identifiable.

To make the most of the time your business’ vehicles spend on the road, here are three eye-catching ideas you’ll definitely want to try…

#1 – Bright colours

Imagine that you’re out running errands. You’re sitting at a traffic stop, calmly waiting to proceed, with two vehicles in front of you. One of those vehicles is a dull red colour; the kind of car colour we’ve all seen a thousand times. The other vehicle is a bright, lurid pink. Which vehicle are you going to notice and remember? It’s the bright pink one, of course.

Brightly coloured vehicles stand out as unusual, so if you’re looking to raise the profile of your business in the eyes of the general public, opting for unusual colours is a must.

#2 – Personalised plates

Personalised plates tend to catch the eye of pedestrians and road users, primarily because they’re unusual. We’re all used to seeing standard plates, so we don’t focus on them, but personalised number plates are far more likely to make people look twice – which, of course, is precisely what you want.

As for what you should put on your business vehicles’ personalised plates; well, that’s largely up to you, but if you can tie the personalisation to your business in some way – PL4NN3R for a party planning company, for example – then you’ll likely see the best results.

#3 – Decals

When considering vehicle decals, most business owners focus on ensuring that their decals are informative – and there’s definitely something to be said for this approach. Ensuring that your business vehicles display, at the bare minimum, your business’ phone number and website address is highly advisable.

However, decals don’t just have to be informative; they can also be used to draw attention too. You could use images related to your business, but puns are likely to be the best choice. We’ve all seen social media posts featuring amusing puns created by businesses, which is perhaps the most natural form of marketing you could ever hope to achieve. So keep it light, keep it groan-funny, and hope that a savvy social media user decides to snap a photo to share with their followers.

In conclusion

The time that your business vehicles spend on the road does not just need to be time spent performing one of the core operations of your business; it’s also a chance to promote your business and increase recognition of your brand. By giving one – or all – of the options above a try, you should be able to raise your business’ profile with relatively little effort in future.