Four reasons to use a crypto social network

Crypto social networks emerged on the market for a reason. In fact, there’s more than just one. The reality is that crypto and blockchain-based social networks have occupied a specific niche in the market of social networks today, but because of their advantages and the rapid rate at which they are developing, we predict they’ll overtake the traditional platforms many of us are using today. And here’s why:

Crypto social media platforms will succeed because of their common premise that users should be rewarded, they provide greater security by not allowing data to be misused, and finally…they’re just more fun to use! 

Crypto Social Networks Reward Users for Sharing Content

While the concept of rewarding users for content creation may seem intuitive once you start thinking of social network business models, believe it or not, before the launch of crypto socials none of the traditional platforms had thought to extend earning to the ‘average’ user. Instead, earning was restricted to a very select group of individuals that usually had to have a large number of followers to be able to do so. This remains true till this day which is why many have migrated to the newer and more forward-thinking options. social network, for instance, is a prime example of crypto-based platforms that empower users to contribute content and earn in the process. In this case, users earn in ME Token, the network’s internal currency. ME can be used for all internal purchases whether its running advertisements or purchasing goods from’s trading platform, better known as meMarket. meMarket is set up for B2C and C2C trading, thereby enabling token holders to purchase goods from one another as well as from brands represented on the network.  

Crypto Social Media Platforms are More Fun

By focusing on user experience and user needs, crypto socials tend to have breezy interfaces that make the process of using new currencies and new tools fun. As we mentioned above, crypto and blockchain based networks are empowering for anyone who joins, which is why users are more likely to be active, contribute, and make the network exciting and energetic as a whole. 

meNetwork (the social platform) has many tricks and quirky, fun features. Content on is made up of individual posts and magazines. Magazines are online journals, where users can select a category that best describes the content and fill them with photo galleries and videos.

The Hot feed is also a staple of the app that curates trendy and quality content from the network. The feed appears as fire icon at the bottom of the screen which flares up when clicked. When featured on the Hot feed, users gain access to an entirely new audience and have the chance to interact with all users on 

Crypto Allows for More Privacy

Recently, there has been a lot of concern in the internet community surrounding the misuse of data collected by major traditional social platforms. This has also given crypto platforms a chance to present a ‘healthier’ alternative. Crypto social platforms, hence the name, allow users to be more cryptic and essentially private if they choose to. At the very basic level, most crypto social platforms only require an email address for sign up, keeping the sharing of personal information to a bare minimum. digital network respects privacy while also giving users the chance to earn rewards. By activating their Promo account users can earn up to 50% of ad-generated revenue. 

Crypto Automates the Payment Process

Naturally, crypto social networks have their own internal cryptocurrency. In the case of, the currency is ME Token that was listed on CoinAll exchange as of February 11, 2019. Since making its debut on the exchange the token has become versatile in many ways and can be used both within and outside of the network. By combining a social network and marketplace, users earn in a single cryptocurrency and use it to make other transactions or purchases. 

The Future is in Crypto

With all this, it truly seems that crypto social networks are gaining a competitive edge. For all the reasons we mentioned above, many users are predicted to migrate to newer and better crypto solutions.

Once the obstacle of general awareness is conquered, these networks have even more momentum. Nevertheless, all things considered, crypto social networks have all the potential to trump all other social media.  

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