5 Cryptocurrency Magazines to Read for Beginners

So, you’re interested in learning about cryptocurrency. Great! The Blockchain industry is dramatically changing the face of our economy and how we use technology. If you’re interested in finding out more about free investing through Blockchain technology, then take this summer to learn more about decentralized technologies and cryptocurrency through some of our favorite magazine picks. Here are a few of the best cryptocurrency magazines to read for beginners.

1) Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the first magazines to ever specialize in cryptocurrency news, starting in 2012. This is a great resource for a neutral source of information, research and commentary on the ever-changing field of Fintech and Bitcoin. This monthly publication is both in paper and online. It covers a range of products, apps, and news, including new start-ups and stories about the dark web. They also offer tickets through their website to various Bitcoin related conferences, such as Bitcoin 2019, an annual event for the Bitcoin community in California. This event has speakers, an art gallery, and even a Bitcoin Beer Garden!

2) Forklog Magazine

Forklog came shortly after Bitcoin Magazine, publishing articles 2014. This resource is great for beginners, dedicated to learning more about Blockchain, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency technologies. Forklog covers various events, Bitcoin price analysis, and reviews of crypto technologies. Subscribe to ForkLog news to have Bitcoin news sent directly to your email.

3) Altcoin Magazine

Altcoin Magazine is the perfect guide for those just starting to learn about Bitcoin. Altcoin interviews various CEOs, portfolio trackers, and traders to get the best inside scoop on decentralized financial services. Many of the writers are also traders, and it is a fantastic platform for a variety of voices and ideas. They also cover various reports of news, extortion, and new technologies.

4) Banking Technology Magazine

This British magazine is published only 10 times a year, but is a reliable source of global cryptocurrency news. This magazine is separated into news, analysis, events and intelligence sectors. This is an exceptional magazine for those not only interested in Blockchain technologies, but also financial systems and business news in general. They also offer a daily Fintech newsletter via email, which gives readers a concise way to keep up with the cryptocurrency world.

5) CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the leading platforms in the cryptocurrency community. This news site was launched in 2013, and specializes in bitcoin and digital currencies. Not only is this a great online magazine for its’ extensive articles on crypto assets and Blockchain technology, they use social media, newsletters, podcasts and videos to educate the general public. This is what makes it such a great resource for beginners, you can choose from many different forms of media with Coindesk magazine.

There are no wrong answers, look into any and all of these magazines as a toolbox for you to learn about the growing strength of the cryptocurrency world. From news, to learning about the Blockchain ecosystem, these magazines will help guide you.