3IPK bringing blockchain to Slovakia’s aerospace, defense industries

A Slovakian startup is poised to make its mark in the local aerospace and defense industries while also serving as a blockchain evangelist, 3IPK cofounder and CEO Maria Capova believes.

3IPK is a developer of blockchain-based digital solutions automating certification, supply chain, maintenance and program management processes for aerospace, automotive, defense and nuclear sectors. Based in Bratislava, her company recently celebrated a significant achievement when it became the first blockchain technology company accepted for membership in the Security and Defense Industry Association of the Slovak Republic.

Ms. Capova began her career in the corporate world but soon decided she liked the challenge of building a startup. She had a colleague with an idea for the aerospace sector and together they partnered with DECENT, a fellow Slovakian company. Developers of the blockchain protocol DCore, a platform allowing users to create or migrate applications into a blockchain environment, DECENT has expanded to locations across Asia as well as Europe and the United States.

Maria Capova

“We met the DECENT guys and partnered with them as they saw big potential in using blockchain technology,” Ms. Capova said. “Once they explained the features and advantages of blockchain we saw its potential.”

The DECENT partnership yielded other advantages, she added. Their blockchain is easier to modify so it meets the needs of individual clients.

3IPK works with aerospace companies through a series of steps beginning with simplifying and securing the capture of design data approvals which reduce the cost of certification. Smart contracts are deployed to automate contractual terms and execution and introduce trust.

Blockchain technology can make significant contributions to defense and aerospace by making processes efficient and more transparent, Ms. Capova said.

“The big issues with the supply chain are that it’s deep and global, so it’s hard to track data across the whole supply chain. Now you can track data and build trust and transparency.”

With immutable data stored in the blockchain forever, parties can track back if there is trouble with a part to learn who approved the data and when. Each step is time stamped and everyone knows who is responsible for delivery. Counterfeiting is prevented via detailed part provenance. Smart contracts automate contract execution in compliance with agreed-upon terms.

An important feature 3IPK offers their clients is the ability to improve the certification process. Every part’s certification and approval status can be verified in real time, and those parts can come with a 100 percent originality assurance through a unique fingerprinting identification system based on Smart Dust, Ms. Capova said. It combines approvals and other verified information in a blockchain and matches it with ongoing work to keep a current record of different components. The information is distributed in a decentralized method, but in a different sequence each time so hackers cannot detect an exploitable pattern.

Privacy is crucial to this industry and blockchain technology can assist by certifying participants so only those with permission can access specific documents, Ms. Capova explained.

“If documents are for government purposes they need access to data limited for security reasons,” Ms. Capova said.

She’s excited about the opportunities coming with 3IPK’s membership in the Security and Defense Industry Association of the Slovak Republic. Even though Eastern Europe boasts a very strong technology community, government awareness of blockchain technology in the Slovak Republic is limited to Bitcoin, which has a checkered reputation.

“They don’t see or understand the technology behind blockchain and they don’t see the potential it has,” Ms. Capova said.

This is a golden opportunity for 3IPK to tout blockchain technology’s benefits to the Slovak Republic’s top aerospace companies and government officials at a crucial stage in 3IPK’s development, Ms. Capova said.

“It’s a big opportunity for us as a startup company to get in the network of Slovak companies that work in the defense industry,” Ms. Capova said.

The safety offered by blockchain technology is attractive to the defense industry where security is paramount, Ms. Capova said. Fighter jets and drones will communicate with each other via satellite and their systems will exchange valuable data.

“The security of data is going to be important,” Ms. Capova concluded. “We see a big opportunity for blockchain in this industry.”

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