Vertalo adds pair of execs

Vertalo, a digital asset management platform connecting broker-dealers, issuers and exchanges through its blockchain-enabled cap table platform, has added OpenFinance cofounder Thomas McInerney as its new VP of product and Securitize founder Tim Reynders as an advisor.

Mr. McInerney joins after a successful stint at OpenFinance, where he pioneered the trading of the first US-issued security tokens.  “Improving onboarding is an issue that resonates strongly for me,” he explained. “I am excited to help Vertalo make digital asset issuance, investment, and trading cost-effective and convenient for issuers and investors. Vertalo’s mission – to simplify the investment in, and management of, digital assets – aligns with my experience building and launching OpenFinance. The team at Vertalo is committed to growing and connecting the digital asset ecosystem through partnerships and technology that will transform finance.”

Thomas McInerney

Mr. Reynders, Securitize’s founder and original COO, was also an initial seed investor in SPiCE VC. He explains why he joined Vertalo. “Earlier this year, Spencer Kaye, previously director of business development at Securitize and now VP corporate development at Vertalo, introduced me to Dave Hendricks, Vertalo’s CEO.  Vertalo’s approach, simplifying the management of digital assets and reducing the cost of issuance, immediately struck me as a much-needed improvement to the token-first, raise money second (approach) of early token platforms.  Vertalo’s team has extensive experience building scaled technology platforms, but at the same time has extensive capital markets experience.  As one of the pioneers in the digital asset community, I recognized the potent combination represented by Vertalo’s team and technology and joined as an advisor.”  

Tim Reynders

Vertalo also recently announced an integration with Hedera Hashgraph. Vertalo’s investor onboarding and cap table solution is available for issuers running their own fundraising efforts (tokenized and not), and can be used by broker-dealers,  like existing Vertalo partners Entoro Capital, US Capital Global, and Series One.  Vertalo is a B2B software company headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in New York City and San Francisco Bay Area.

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