Reasons to quit the rat race and be a freelancer

Working in an office job in the city can be great. You are in the heart of society and you get to be in a bustling and lively environment every single day. However, there are also some downsides to working in an office or for someone else. 

Freelancing and starting up your own small business is something which can bring a lot of great opportunities to your life, and today we want to share with you the top reason why you should quit the rat race this year and set out on your own adventure. 

You control your pay 

The best thing about working for yourself instead of for another company is the fact that you can control the way you get paid and how often you get paid. When you work as your own entity, the customer will pay you directly via a freelance invoice and this means you never have to wait for the end of the month to get your funds in order. This is always a handy thing and it will make a positive difference to your lifestyle. 

You control your workload

Some bosses thrive off the stress of others. There are an awful lot of bosses out there who will make a point to overload you with work to try and break you down and make you feel small. It is unfortunate and it means that most of the time you will have a big ball of stress in the back of your mind just waiting to get out. It can make you feel ill and cause a lot of issues when trying to meet work goals and this is never a healthy thing. This is why working for yourself can be the best decision you ever make. When you are your own boss you will never have to overload yourself with work. You can work at a pace that works for you and work around any stressful episodes or illnesses which might cause you to be less productive than normal.

You’re less likely to get sick

If there is one surefire way to guarantee you won’t get sick, its to work from home. There are several reasons for this, and the first point goes back to what we have discussed in regards to stress. Stress is a big hole which can swallow you up in a matter of moments, and stress has a real effect on your body as well as your brain. When you work in a stressful environment day after day it is much more likely that you will become susceptible to catching an illness such as a virus or a common cold. The second reason is simple: if you aren’t around other people you are way more likely to stay healthy and avoid those travelling bugs. 

You can sleep as much as you want

One of the biggest drawbacks of being an adult is the fact that you never get much sleep. Sleep is something we all need a lot of and unfortunately, with busy lives and schedules, we don’t often get enough of it. When you work from home though, your starting time is whenever you want it to be, and it means that getting those crucial 40 winks will never be an issue again! What could be better than being able to drift off at night knowing that you only need to wake up when your body wants you to?

You don’t have to talk 

One of the more challenging aspects of working in an office with a lot of other people is that sooner or later you have to talk to people you don’t like. But when you work from home you don’t have to share communication with anyone you don’t enjoy talking to. Being able to control your working relationships in this way makes your day go much smoother on the whole and it makes you a happier person in and out of the workplace. 

You avoid the long commute

The commute to and from work has to be one of the worst parts of the day full stop. Having to jump out of bed in the morning only to be stuck in the car or on the train for an hour is horrible. But when you work from home, the farthest you have to travel is from your bedroom to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Missing that stressful commute will make all the difference to your mood through the day and it can be a great thing for you and your health too! 

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