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Becoming more legible to your consumers

Businesses, especially those that offer a niche product or service, or perhaps sell a lifestyle or an experience, can often have a hard time translating their service to those who may be new. For example, a cruise liner experience may seem like the easiest package to sell due to how easy its transport to various countries will be, and how much of an all-in-one deal it is. However, you can be sure that the complexities such as when to attend, if there’s a night curfew, how to act among other guests, all of these will be questions posed to said services day after day after day.

This means if you find yourself occupying an industry such as this, especially as a business trying to do something differently, becoming more legible to your consumers, clients or guests can be an essential part of the marketing process. It’s not about how thoroughly you describe yourself, but how digestible your platform is, and how you can draw new people while not pushing away those well versed in your presence.

Consider our following advice to this end:

Explain The Jargon

Explaining the jargon of your services or industry can be important to welcome newcomers, and to give them a referral guide. When they take time to learn more about the terms they may need to interface with your staff or services thanks to you providing these resources, customers will stop feeling anxious about ordering what they want or using your practical offerings as they might, and can get around to doing so.

Remain Absolutely Clear

Remaining absolutely clear about what you offer is important. Sure, you may be running a promotion ‘all summer long,’ but what are the actual start and end dates of the promotion, and at what times do they cut off? Can someone who has used this promotion use it again, and if not, is that directly messaged? Sure, some will ignore your messaging and ask you, but when you have a direct FAQ to point them to or a more comprehensive explanation about what they can expect, you remain absolutely clear with your customers in the best manner possible.

A Welcoming Course

A welcoming course may be a great way of helping new customers become interested in your products and services. For example, it might be that you sell smart home appliances. Perhaps with a purchase of the item you offer a discount on your installation service, allowing for the appliance to be fitted in the correct manner, and for a free trial of your gold servicing subscription to last for several months. In this way, new customers start learning your ecosystem, apply your complex product in the correct manner, and have a vested interest in keeping that subscription going. Sometimes, welcoming a new user to your system requires a little effort to maintain, and we would recommend you do just that.

With this advice, we hope you can become more legible to your customers.

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