Keeping your manufacturing facility clean as a whistle

Go into any manufacturing facility in the world on Monday morning, and you’ll see it’s clean as it’s ever going to get. A bit of dirt and debris here and there but overall, it’s quite neat and focussed. Then go into that same facility on Wednesday and you will think a tornado might have run through it. It’s common for manufacturing businesses to have to deal with extreme amounts of rubbish and waste. It’s almost inevitable; almost. It’s not impossible to keep your facility clean but it really has to begin right at the point of production. Wherever your employees are working, their local area is going to become quite messy as the day goes on. If you can keep up with the cleaning process here, you will stop spreading it around the facility.

Workstations rubbish options

For an employee working at their workstation, having some kind of rubbish solution would be very beneficial. Not only would it allow them to keep their personal space clean but it would avoid safety hazards. Think of a sheet metal worker that is welding and punching holes through the metal, cleaning up bits of metal shards and waste, has to be simple and easy. Lean waste management offers a philosophical approach to this challenge. Just having waste bins closeby isn’t enough. Sweeping the rubbish away and into a safe to collect area is a great addition. Although this may involve additional design for the facility floor itself, it has become a simple matter of adding a new responsibility for the worker to keep their workstation clean. Now that it’s made simpler, they should have no problem.

In the heart of it

All manufacturing facilities have a ‘heart’ i.e. where the majority of the action or the most important action takes place. This could be an area where a lot of welding is done, fitting large heavy pieces together, pumping liquids into a machine or product that you make, etc. Whenever this type of area exists, there will be a lot of complex procedures and manufacturing processes taking place. You may need specific pieces of equipment to keep the area clean such as Fibreglass Separators. These separate oil and water, especially needed if you are working with crude oil, vegetable oil, animal oil or perhaps a lubricant that is oil-based. This will prevent the local area from suffering the toxic waste consequences of your by-products made during manufacturing. It will keep the local environmental authority off your back as well. 

Personal hygiene matters

Manufacturing facilities are hot and muggy, full of dust and dirt. Employees need to keep their personal hygiene standards high as it will be meaningful to the morale of the workers. Something as simple as fresh air being pumped into the facility and dirty air being sucked into the ceiling ventilation system will create a smooth cycle of air in the facility.

There’s no way to avoid your facility from getting dirty. However, maintaining a high level of cleanliness is possible. Start by giving your workers solutions for their personal workstations. 

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