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Ten small businesses you can start in 2020

If you want to start a business but have no idea what a good fit for your lifestyle and interests would be, you are not alone.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to hone down the vast array of company possibilities. You may want to work from home, or your dream may be to open a brick and mortar storefront. No matter what your goal is, you can be successful if you find the right business to fit your ambitions and ideas like Mark Stevens of S-Cubed did when he built his venture capital business. To help you succeed in your small business venture, here is a small business idea list of essential companies in 2020.

1. Organizer

Many people are moving away from the idea of having it all toward the concept of minimalism. When houses full of items need to be organized for sale or donating, a professional organizer is called. If you love reorganizing things, downsizing possessions, and developing systems, this may be the perfect job for you. Don’t forget to have a system that people can follow to maintain your organizational know-how.

2. Translator

There are 7,100 languages spoken in the world. As long as there are multiple languages on earth, there will be a need for translators, and according to experts in the field, the industry will continue to grow by more than 5% each year until 2030. This is good news for multilingual speakers and writers that have good communication skills. Setting up your own business couldn’t be easier with the internet available to help you.

3. Foodie

If you love to cook and you don’t mind travelling around the city all day, why not open a food truck. From sugary treats to nationality-focused cuisine, you can choose almost anything you love. You can make arrangements to serve your food at festivals, parties, workplaces, or a designated road-side sport. The best thing about a food truck is there is no brick and mortar rent to eat up your profits.

4. Gardener

Loving the feel of dirt in your hands and the sun on your back is a must for the gardener, and it can be a rewarding career for those that love the serenity of nature. As more people purchase homes, the need for landscapers is on the rise – and you can be part of that world. From mowing lawns to pulling weeds to designing yards, it will be a never-ending rush from one home to another for nine months of the year.

5. Cleaner

Cleaning isn’t something everyone enjoys doing, but if you are one of the special people that like making sure someone’s home or office is spotless, a cleaner may be the job for you. With a couple of people and some cleaning supplies, you can begin a business that sparkles its way through homes, commercial properties, and apartment complexes. You can also add floor waxing and outdoor window washing for some extra money. Here is how to start it.

6. Nurturer

Home care is on the rise for both children and the elderly, and with both populations’ numbers growing quickly, it is easy to see how both services can be in demand. You don’t need a healthcare diploma to help the elderly; all you need is to be willing to run errands, babysit, read, and fix meals. You could also offer transition services for older individuals moving into an assisted living home. Such services might include packing personal possessions, moving items to storage, or setting the items back in the new area.

7. Partier

People love to throw parties, but they don’t like to clean up the area after the guests have gone. If you don’t mind dealing with the mess left from a dozen partiers or 200 celebrants, why not consider becoming a party cleaning service. With a couple of employees, some cleaning supplies, and a vacuum, you can get through the rooms in no time.

8. Seller

E-commerce has been around for 30 years now, and it continues to be a viable way for people to make money. With the help of online tools, you can easily set up a store and stock it with items of your choice. Take the store to another level by creating the goods you sell, such as eco-friendly bags, baby blankets, or artwork.

9. Blogger

Growing your audience is the most challenging part of the life of a blogger. Although exposure may take time, and competition of viewers is fierce, you can make a good living by blogging your experience, thoughts, and knowledge to your viewers.

10. Teacher

There is a greater demand for online teachers than ever before. Whether it is in a foreign language or children’s art classes, the world needs more teachers. Create the course and put it on a waiting platform, and you will receive money every time someone purchases the course. You may be surprised by what people want to learn.

It is easier than ever before to start a business. If you want to try a venture of your own, why not give one of the 10 ideas listed above a chance to change your world.

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