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Better places to keep your money than a bank

If you, like many, are skeptical about the potential for the bank to secure and build upon your money, then it’s important to make sure you have alternative options. You shouldn’t simply keep all your cash physically stuffed around the home, after all. Here, we’re going to look at investments and savings options you can use instead of your bank to keep your money secure and to help it make money.


Given how extensively we cover it, it should be no surprise that cryptocurrency is one of the top recommendations on where to keep your money. Unlike banks, most cryptocurrencies are protected without the need for centralization. Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are legit and, so long as you don’t lose the wallet containing your coins, no-one else should be able to access them and take them out of your ownership. Just pay close attention to which cryptocurrencies are showing the best potential and rate of growth.


Thought the market has its ups and downs, at one point become the pivotal space leading to a recession, the real estate market has traditionally been one of the most stable to invest in. As long as people need places to live, the property will always be a high-value asset. Aside from simply buying up multiple properties, however, you can focus on improving the value of your assets with the help of house renovation services. Make sure that your own assets are continually rising in value. This can also be done by investing in areas that have developments planned for them, too.

Investment portfolios

There are a lot of investment markets out there that are each worth your attention, from stocks to bonds to forex. Each of them has its own benefits and risks, and creating a proper balance between them is important. For instance, forex investments can help you make more money, while bonds tend to be more secure an option. There are also stocks that can pay you dividends so you’re not only securing an investment but making money from your money. Robo-advisors can help you automate the process of investing. You might not make as much money as you otherwise potentially could, but it does take a lot of the work out of it.

P2P Lending

A relatively new option compared to the others. The internet has made the borrowing landscape a lot freer than the banks have traditionally allowed for. As such, people can seek investment capital and small loans online with ease through P2P lending platforms and, if you have the capital to offer, it could represent a significant opportunity for you. After all, you can benefit from the interest rates that would normally be charged by other lenders.

Diversification is the key. Even if one of the options above appeals to you more than the others, you need to make sure all of your eggs aren’t in one proverbial basket. Being smart with your money means having other options if that basket is set on fire.

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