3 reasons to take a Kaizen approach to optimizing your business

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 When it comes to getting a business up and running, and ensuring that it performs to the full extent of its potential, there are a huge number of different factors and considerations to weigh up and take into account.

Inevitably, it’s crucial to have a good vision for what you want the company to achieve. And there’s certainly no workaround to effective marketing and networking techniques, for example.

In recent times, however, the Japanese concept of “kaizen” has become very popular among various productivity and entrepreneurial experts and influential figures, for a variety of different reasons.

This “philosophy” essentially emphasises the value of very small, incremental, but consistent daily improvements to the functioning of different dimensions of your business.

Here are some reasons to take a kaizen approach to optimising your business.

Because it allows you to take advantage of powerful new insights in a manageable and incremental fashion

One simple and powerful benefit of the kaizen approach, is that it allows you to properly take advantage of powerful new insight as and when they occur, without having to immediately overhaul or “restart” your business.

Although you might go to great lengths to do your due diligence, to plan appropriately, and to ensure that you know as much as you possibly can before officially launching your business, there will always be some insights or realisations that you’ve missed, and othes that only emerge into the public consciousness later on, down the line.

When you are constantly looking to optimise different features of your business by marginal degrees, on a daily basis, it allows you to constantly shift your practice to benefit from the new insights you acquire, in a manageable way.

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Because it prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and distracted

When you’re focusing on major, “big picture” innovations and goals, it’s very easy to end up feeling overwhelmed and distracted – at least a significant amount of the time.

But while you need a sense of the “big picture” direction you want to head in with your business, you also want to ensure that you’re able to effectively and consistently handle the obligations, tasks, and minutiae of everyday management.

A kaizen approach helps you to continually move in the direction you want to head in, without getting blinded and overwhelmed by the magnitude of what you’re trying to achieve.

Because it helps you maintain a focus on action

It’s a truism, promoted by influential figures in business for at least a century, that in order for any business to thrive,  it’s necessary to maintain a focus on action. It’s not enough to just be in “ideas guy,” you also need to be able to make things happen.

As – almost by definition – a kaizen approach will involve focusing on different pragmatic and functional changes you can make to your business on a regular basis, it will help to keep you action-focused.

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